Practitioners of the Craft® Welcomes You!

Merry meet! This site has been waiting to be published for several years and it is finally time. The materials have been compiled in hard copy and electronic media for as long as I can remember and for as long as it has been available, for many decades.

After years of teaching the material to so many curious novices, witchlings, and pagans, it’s now here for you. You make what you want of it — take what you need, leave the rest.

My intent is for this to be a place to develop a solid grounding in the Craft and for you to grow and become enlightened on the life-long spiral path. The format is progressive. For those who want to jump to magic, good luck with that because it’s not how it works.

The basics have to come first, much like you needed to crawl before you could walk and walk before you could run. Any witch worth her salt will tell you that a strong foundation is the best tool you’ll ever have at hand.

Our foundation is based on




and reading some more.

Never forget that this is a lifelong path. There is no such thing as one who “used to be a witch.” That’s simply New Age nonsense. Either you are or you are not a practitioner of the Craft. You may meander at times and return, but you’ll always have the Craft on your mind, even if you take a break. Breaks happen.

Natural disasters, family illness, work responsibilities, caring for loved ones all cause breaks. Always remember that your loved ones come first.

Blessed be magickal ones!

Note to those in the wrong lane: All of the beliefs and views on this site are my own and those with references. Your beliefs may conflict with mine and blessings if they do for you’re free to go elsewhere to find someone you want to mimic. Please feel free to take your troll arse some place else. )O(


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